Full text of client letters

I would like to tell you of my wonderful experience with your agent Shelly Slovin. Last June, my wife and I purchased a home in Calabasas. We had spent several months with various agents searching much of the San Fernando Valley (and other areas as well!).

We spent one weekend with Shelly. During that weekend, we found, and purchased the house of our dreams. Shelly was totally in tune with what we were looking for in a house. Our time with him was absolutely effective and efficient and fun; and the results were sensational.

Once we found the home we wanted, we made an offer, only to find out that we were not the only interested party. We were in a multiple bid situation, and had to act quickly. This was our first home purchase, and we found the process a bit...intense. Shelly put us at ease, and guided us through the delicate negotiations that resulted in the purchase of our new home. We are certain that without Shelly's expertise and diplomacy, we would still be searching for a home. Kudos to Mr. Slovin for doing such outstanding work for us! " Scott Z. Calabasas (actual letter on file)

"Five months ago, my husband Michael and I came to Los Angeles to begin a search for a new home. We had decided to relocate there from New York. After touring the city with several other real estate agents, we met with Shelly Slovin from your office. Michael had set up this meeting after viewing what he described as Shelly's website. Prior to meeting Shelly, we were beginning to feel discouraged. Agents we had met thus far had consistently showed us houses far above our specified price range. Although we acknowledged the existence of a high priced real estate market, we were frustrated by these agents' blatant disregard for our specific needs.

In contrast, Shelly was gracious, solicitous and genuinely attentive to our specifications for a new home. He consistently showed us beautiful homes within our price range that contained all the elements we required (I .e. office space for my husband, a sizable backyard, accessibility to good public schools, etc.) Most importantly, Shelly conveyed a sincere interest in us, as individuals, and a commitment to finding us a home that would enhance our lives.

Five months after meeting Shelly, my husband and I are owners of what I may genuinely describe as the perfect home. Although we lived on a different coast, and were constrained by demanding work schedules, Shelly made purchasing our home a relatively easy task. We both appreciate his knowledge of the real estate market and admire his considerable interpersonal skills. My husband and I grateful to have worked with Shelly, and have felt compelled to share our feelings with you."  Debra S. Calabasas (actual letter on file)

I just wanted to take a moment of your time to let you know about the excellent service I received from Shelly Slovin when I purchased a condo in the Burbank area in June of this year. Shelly was a pleasure to work with and he often went beyond the "call of duty" to make sure everything was getting done in a timely manner and all my questions were answered.

Shelly made my first purchase of a home easier than I thought it would be. We had a very tight, two week escrow which made the deal a real challenge, but there were no problems because of Shelly's meticulous follow-up." John R. Burbank (letter on file)

With just about two months under our belts as first time california home-owners, my wife and I figured it was about time to drop you a note to tell you all about our incredible happiness after having worked with Shelly Slovin.

I don't remember exactly how we, as new yorkers, came across Shelly once upon a time (the summer of 2003 to be precise), but I do remember our feelings when we first met him. shelly was warm, friendly, optimistic and a pleasure to spend time with - and that was just within the first five minutes of meeting him. amazingly, as time went on and he patiently and confidently guided us on our search, he only became warmer, friendlier and more optimistic. when we were discouraged, he convinced us that our house was out there somewhere - it was only a matter of finding it. and then, after nearly 6 months of dogged research and tireless effort, Shelly found our home...and it was exactly what we were looking for.

I could go on and on about how my twin 2 year old sons would ask if we were going to see Shelly on any given day, and how shelly helped make us feel like a part of the community even before we found a home, and how Shelly's understanding of exactly what we were looking for made what could have been a wild goose chase a fruitful search and how shelly made every step of our escrow as easy as a vacation...but I would start to run out of superlatives after a while.

I have dealt with real estate brokers on many occasions over the years, both as a home buyer and seller, but I have never run across someone as conscientious, determined, easy-to-work with and personable as Shelly Slovin. I don't consider Shelly my real estate broker. I consider Shelly a friend and I am proud to be his neighbor in Woodland Hills.  Matt.B. Woodland Hills

Shelly Slovin was an outstanding realtor who represented us in the sale of our home last month. We highly recommend him for his focused, driven, and creative sales skills.

As an example of his diligence, he featured our house on his website with full photographic presence even though our house was only open for one weekend. He also created color marketing materials to display and hand to visitors who came by during our 2-day long open house. He really captured the essence of our home and found us the perfect buyers!

Shelly is tireless in his quest to make the real estate process fast, easy and profitable." Brooke B. Woodland Hills (email on file.)

We recently sold our condo in Calabasas and bought our first home. I would like to take a few moments of your time to tell you the story of our life altering experience. My husband and I work in the entertainment industry and as you may know it is a career of feast or famine. With unpredictable income and unpredictable references, we were more than a bit doubtful of our success in buying a new home. We wanted what every newly married couple wants, a safe neighborhood, a quiet and beautiful home with just enough room to grow in and of course all on a budget.

What happened over the year of searching through open houses and riding around with Realtors was of the most depressing times. Our condo only had one bedroom and all we needed was one more room. What we saw out there was ugly, dark, dirty, over priced and breaking down. We knew our budget was tight, but this was ridiculous. A real fixer upper in a not so safe neighborhood was all we unfortunately thought we could get. At least this was what we were shown. To make matters worse, there were at least two times when I called a real estate agent and she proceeded to scoff a our price range and these heartless & shallow agents would tell me I shouldn't even bother. They also said I just would not find what I wanted in their neighborhoods! One of those being the Woodland Hills area near Topanga Canyon.

My husband and I gave up looking for a home and decided to save for another year and try again later. This also delayed our dreams of having a baby.

On Sunday, a few weeks later, I saw a listing in the LA Times. Reluctantly I called the number and that conversation changed our lives in a very profound way. He listened to me and became very excited. Not only did he believe he could help us but he loved his neighborhood so much he was absolutely sure he could show us what we were dreaming of. My husband said NO! There was no way he could go through this all over again, but I begged him to meet this man because I knew in my heart that there was something different about this Realtor, unlike any of the others, he understood and he cared.

I would have to say the rest of our journey was complete fate. Shelly Slovin became a wonderful friend and major part of our lives from the very first day that we met. Not only did he have much in common with us, but on the very first day of viewing he found us the perfect home. This home is nestled in a hillside near our favorite places Topanga Canyon and Mulholland Drive. We have a big beautiful yard with a 100 year old giant oak tree hovering over a quaint and brand new, beautifully remodeled home. We love our street, our neighbors and the golf course and mountain trails facing our front yard. It is a more peaceful, creative and nurturing environment that we had ever hoped for. I wanted Shelly to really know how he touched our lives. What he is doing for couples like us is a blessing and he is a great assest to the real estate business because he enjoys people and his job so very much." Tina D. Woodland Hills (letter on file)

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